New Silicone Cover Case Skin for XBOX 360 Controller

Game lovers would certainly love to get accessories that would aid their fun while playing their favorite games. If you’ve got the XBOX 360 Controller, you need a quality and stylish cover case to facilitate protection and fun with the gadget. One of the best you can get is the New Silicone Cover Case Skin for XBOX 360 Controller. This accessory comes with tons of lovely features.


The New Silicone Cover Case Skin for XBOX 360 Controller is a great purchase. It comes with a great structure that molds to your hand in a stylish manner. Thus, if your palms get sweaty, the gadget will not slip out of your hand. The color is quite unique, so it is not easy to get it mixed up with the rest. It delivers complete value, much more than the money you will pay to acquire it.

Product Details and Features

Compatibility: The new silicone cover case skin for XBOX 360 controller works excellently with the Microsoft XBOX 360. So, if you’ve got the Microsoft Xbox 360, this stylish and authentic case cover will provide protection and style to your gadget and would fit perfectly as thought the two items were designed at the same time.

Color: You will find colors such as greenback. If you want a unique color that would not easily mix up with the crowd, the camouflage color would suit your preference perfectly. This color stands out and creates a unique effect on your XBOX 360 Controller.

Silicon Skin Case: The silicone material provides higher dimension of comfort to your palms and hands. The silicon material feels extra soft on the hand. It also facilitates longevity and improved protection to your cherished gadget. Your XBOX 360 controller will continue to look new, stay safe and remain stylish with this special case cover.

XBOX 360 Controller

XBOX 360 Controller

Non-slip Surface: enhance your gaming experience and performance with the new silicone cover case skin for XBOX 360 controller. The non-slip surface facilitates firmer grip and takes your gaming experience to another level.

Washable Design: This device is smooth and washable, so that you can always ensure maximum comfort and neatness of your device.

Unique Design: This case cover is uniquely designed to enable easy and quick access to the controls, buttons and ports on your Microsoft Xbox 360. You don’t need to remove the case to access the controls and ports on your device.

Get great value for your money when you purchase New Silicone Cover Case Skin for XBOX 360 Controller.