Massage Slippers

Foot massage is actually based on reflexology, which involves the application of focused pressure to certain reflex points located in the foot. As such, foot massage can be very relaxing.

The problem is, it’s actually hard to find time to go to massage parlours just to get a foot massage and even harder to find someone who will do it for you. Fortunately, there are massage slippers that you can conveniently wear anywhere.

When looking for which massage slippers to use, it is important to ask yourself what exactly it is that you are looking for. This is because massage slippers, depending on the style, may offer different forms of relaxation. While some massage slippers provide heat and relaxing aromatherapy or pressure in specific areas, some massage slippers provide actual vibration. Also, you will need to determine if you will be using the massage slippers for stationary use or you will want to also wear them outdoors.

Massage Slippers

Massage Slippers

One form of massage slippers is the one wherein a vibration is produced in the soles of the slippers. It is these magnetic massaging insoles on massage slippers that aids circulation and provides a soothing massage for the feet. These kinds of massage slippers usually come with a hard bottom. Furthermore, vibrating massage slippers are powered by standard batteries. These massage slippers are often available in free sizes and may look like traditional slippers or in a booty style. Booty-style massage slippers are capable of not only massaging the feet but also keep them warm. Each bootie contains a tiny motor, which is responsible of soothing your feet through gentle, vibrating massage action.

Another type of massage slippers is the foot massager. In essence, these kinds are more like a massage pillow rather than an actual slipper. The thing with massage slippers is that they are meant to be used indoors. As such, they cannot be used for walking or for any type of movement, especially since they cannot be removed from the pillow base. And while foot massager types of massage slippers are usually powered by batteries, some forms may have a cord. These are actually the most expensive type of massage slippers.

There are also massage slippers with acu-pressure. Massage slippers with acu-pressure are of two types. The first have some pressure points designed to massage and improve circulation. Massage slippers of this type have small bumps throughout the sole of the massage slippers. The other one s designed to eliminate pressure points, which can cause pain. This kind of massage slippers actually does not provide any mechanical massaging or vibration.

The least expensive massage slippers available are those that do not actually have a massaging capability; instead, these massage slippers are heated or may include aromatherapy meant for relaxation. These slippers leave the wearer feeling refreshed and relaxed after wearing the slippers. In fact, the scent brought by aromatherapy massage slippers does not wear off easy, even when washed. They have also been equipped with durable outsoles for use outdoors.