Characteristics of Material in Luxury Swiss Cartier watches

Luxury cartier watches has become the other name for Swiss cartier watches. They are famous for their design, material, precision and accuracy. Other element which distinguishes them from the lots of other manufacturers around the world is the price of those cartier watches. What makes them so costly? This is the question for many of those who want to buy them. The material used, the movement and the brand name for perfection marks the price of the Swiss cartier watches. For people who do not want so much on the original luxury cartier watches, they opt for the replica cartier watches. This is the main reason why the market for the replica cartier watches has been on rise.

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cartier ballon bleu replica

1. Stainless steel, it is the most common material used in cartier watch manufacture. It`s feature include corrosion resistance and scratch resistance. The only disadvantage is that it is very hard to obtain from the raw material. The surface of the stainless steel strap can be polished or using sand blast and drop sand different effects of three-dimensional appearance can be made to appear on the strap.

2. Tungsten steel has high hardness and corrosion resistant feature which is very much needed in the regular usage of cartier watches. Some of cartier watch bezel, strap or case is made out of Tungsten steel. Mixing it with steel improves the corrosion resistance of surface.

3. Sophisticated ceramics: The main characteristic of the sophisticated ceramic is abrasion resistant. The ingredients of the sophisticated ceramic increase the working properties of the cartier watch which are achieved at particular temperature. The advanced methodologies following the production of the sophisticated ceramics are helpful in making the bezel, strap etc.

4. Titanium: this is a kind of light, hard, heat resisting, and cold resistant metal. The layer of Oxidized Film on the surface prevents abrasive wear and rust eaten.